terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

For me.

The truest thing I've ever received:

Priscy, maybe writing is not my best ability, but I would try to express with my own words all what I am feeling at this moment. You appeared in my life one day, and I didn´t realise it. We started talking about music and little by little we met each other. I couldn´t believe that I feel for a person who is thousand miles away from me. But I did it. And I have to told you, so one day I had to do it with the fear that you don´t feel the same as me. But you answered yes, and I felt very happy. Now, every day I try to talk with you as much as I can, because I want to know about you, my love. I want to listen to you, I want to read you, I want to know all about you and help as much as I can if you feel lonely or sad for any reason. I feel attracted by you, you are beautiful, very nice person who I can´t find every day in the street, you are special, love. I love you and I don´t want that this finishes in a short time. I love you, linda.
Joseba Martínez

You don't need to see me, that I love you like I love you today. You make me smile even unintentionally. Nothing more is needed than to hear his voice and talk to you for my day to shine and become more special. You can make me happy just to exist. It's amazing, because I never really think I would like someone, how I love you. I can not explain how or why, just know that I like, and although some people say that is impossible. I know that is no small thing. It's a different feeling, and does not become less so. I know that, although difficult to explain, you're my real need. Even from afar, I love you as if you were by my side. You're present in my heart for every second of the day.
Priscilla Bulhões.